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The AI-Powered Design Sprint Playbook

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Revolutionise your innovation process with AI-Powered Design Sprints.

This 100-page book is the hands-on guide to a new breed of Design Sprint which takes the original sprint concept to a whole new level.

After reading this book you'll be able to:

  • take full advantage of generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney and more to power up your sprints
  • immediately start using your new toolkit of AI-powered exercises
  • use AI to boost diversity of perspective and creativity
  • use AI to deliver the best possible outcome for your sprint
  • work even faster
  • work even smarter

Packed full of practical prompts, examples and tips so you can start introducing Generative AI to your design sprints, today.

Discover battle-tested prompting methods and techniques for powering up virtually every Design Sprint exercise, including:

  • Write a pre-sprint survey
  • Define the sprint challenge
  • Sense-check the challenge
  • Write Expert Interview questions
  • Generate How Might We questions
  • Draw the Map
  • Craft the Long Term Goal
  • Research Lightning Demos
  • Write Lightning Demo pitches
  • Crazy 8s
  • User Test Flow
  • Storyboard
  • Prototyping
  • Write testing interview scripts
  • Analyse testing feedback

🎁 Includes a bonus section: The Super Solo Sprint

Run through an entire sprint with a virtual team! Ideal for solopreneurs, small teams where critical subject matter experts aren't available, and as a pre-sprint stress-test exercise.

🛠️ Tools you'll need to run an AI-Powered Design Sprint:

  • ChatGPT is clearly a must-have, and I'd recommend ChatGPT Plus over the free version, as it uses GPT-4. This model has a much longer conversation memory, which you're going to need! [Essential}
  • Midjourney is used in the book to help with the Crazy 8s exercise, providing inspiration and design drafts. There are of course other tools you could use for this; I just find Midjourney the most capable for this particular use case. [Optional]
  • Uizard is used to instantly generate clickable app or website prototypes from text. [Optional]
  • Mixo is used to instantly generate landing pages from text. [Optional]

✍️ About the Author, Martin Slaney

Hey there 👋 As a product consultant and new venture builder, I've run a ton of design sprints in my time, both in-person and remote. They're one of my favourite workshops to run. Mainly because they never quite go to plan :) I've spent 6 months immersing myself in ChatGPT and other generative AI tools, pushing it to its limits, and provide workshops for companies looking to amplify productivity and unleash creativity. I've also written a couple of prompt books for product managers and innovators, which have sold over 2,500 copies.

This book is the culmination of all this. Using AI to take your sprints to a whole new level is, I believe, a game-changing skill for all sprint facilitators, entrepreneurs and workshoppers.

🚀 Ready to turbocharge your design sprints?

Join the AI revolution and elevate your creative process to new heights. Get started with AI-Powered Design Sprints today!

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The AI-Powered Design Sprint Playbook

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