Product Prompts Pro: The Permanent Beta

Everything you'll ever need to unlock the power of generative AI like ChatGPT and supercharge your product work.

The mission of Product Prompts Pro is two-fold:

  • To show you how to embrace the ever-evolving and transformative new tech that is Generative AI, to power up day-to-day product tasks;
  • To inspire you with the knowledge and confidence to build with AI and integrate it into your product.

The Permanent Beta

Product Prompts Pro is in "Permanent Beta". This means I'll be adding new and updated content, regularly, and you'll get access to everything while you're a member. Generative AI is evolving at such a breathtaking pace, with new tech constantly being released, and the Permanent Beta offers you a way to have access to the latest news, guides, e-books, courses and more.

Product Prompts Pro membership gives you access to all current and future content.

What you'll get as a member of Product Prompts Pro:

  • All e-books, current and future (currently this includes The Product Manager's Prompt Book and The Innovator's Prompt Book)
  • Access to the discord, a vibrant community of product and business professionals exploring and sharing how to use AI as a power-up in their work
  • The Prompt Library (60+ prompts and instructions, constantly updated in Notion)
  • 5-day email course, Prompt Writing For PMs. Learn my battle-tested methods and frameworks for crafting prompts like a pro.
  • The Product Prompts weekly newsletter (prompt deep-dives and cool new tools)
  • Bi-weekly report "The AI Roadmap", an in-depth exploration of the potential impact on the main players in a sector.

PLUS, here's the roadmap of goodies to come:

  • Live Office Hours sessions plus recordings (Q2 2023)
  • Video course (coming H2 2023)
  • New books and guides, updated for GPT-4 (coming Q2 2023)
  • Webinars and hands-on prompting demos (Q2 2023)
  • And everything else that's ever added!

(The products and timelines on this roadmap are subject to change, based on demand.)

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence that can create new things based on some data or information. For example, generative AI can write stories, draw pictures, make music, or invent new products. Generative AI uses special algorithms (or rules) to learn from the data and then produce something new. The tech is incredibly useful for many purposes, such as entertainment, education, research, and - where Product Prompts comes in - innovation.

You'll most likely have experienced it as ChatGPT, a text-based conversational model from OpenAI. ChatGPT is the most popular interface, but there are lots of other models with different use cases, and I cover all the main ones which I feel could add value to you or your products.

Who's this for?

All of the Product Prompts materials are created primarily for people working on digital products. So it's ideal for Product Managers, Product Designers, Marketers, Researchers, Founders and Solopreneurs.

The materials I create assume very limited knowledge of AI and the underlying tech, but are also designed to bring new and original use cases and thinking to those who may be more experienced.

About the creator

I'm Martin Slaney and I've been building new tech startups and products for over 20 years. I've also led zero-to-one projects for corporates like Barclays, Royal Bank Of Scotland, Atom Bank and Selfridges. I've been lucky enough to work with award-winning consultancies like 11:FS and Red Badger, as well as working directly with startups and scale-ups. And I've co-founded 5 fintech startups (2 acquired, 1 retired, 2 still going strong).

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Product Prompts Pro: The Permanent Beta