The PM's ChatGPT Prompt Writing Course

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Looking to refine your prompt crafting skills and get the most out of ChatGPT?
This 3,000-word course for product professionals has everything you need to get there in one week.

No fluff. Just actionable methods and frameworks you can apply TODAY.

Now updated for ChatGPT-4.

Includes these essential prompt writing techniques:

🚀 Lesson 1: The Power of Prompts

  • A well-crafted prompt makes a big difference to the output and your productivity.
  • The Rule Of Three framework: Clarity, Specificity and Brevity.

📚 Lesson 2: The Art of Clarity

  • Use the "5 Ws 1H" technique to dive deeper into problems.

🌐 Lesson 3: Mastering Context and Constraints

  • The SCOPE framework: Specificity, Context, Outcomes, Perspective, and Emotion.
  • Add constraints to guide ChatGPT's responses, such as response length, time frame, or point of view.
  • Leverage context to encourage creativity and avoid pitfalls.

🔄 Lesson 4: Testing and Iterating for the Perfect ChatGPT Response

  • Embrace the iterative loop: Test, Analyse, Refine, Repeat.
  • Modify the level of detail in prompts by dialling up or down.
  • Use the "4 Cs" checklist to analyse AI responses: Clarity, Coherence, Completeness, and Correctness.

ğŸŽ“ Lesson 5: Advanced Techniques to Elevate Your ChatGPT Prompt Writing

  • Experiment with different prompt styles: Question, Statement, or Instruction.
  • Use role-play scenarios for creative and engaging responses.
  • Balance open-ended and closed-ended prompts.
  • Use specific phrases to encourage more creative or more focused responses.
  • Leverage analogies and metaphors for better understanding.

PLUS a ğŸŽ Bonus lesson on leveraging the advanced reasoning, enhanced creativity and extra "memory" of ChatGPT-4.

PLUS a free 📈 Prompt Scoring Template.

Who's this course for?

All Product Prompts materials are created primarily for people working on digital products. So it's ideal for Product Managers, Product Designers, Marketers, Researchers, Founders and Solopreneurs.

The materials I create assume very limited knowledge of AI and the underlying tech, but are also designed to bring new and original use cases and thinking to those who may be more experienced.

About the creator

I'm Martin Slaney and I've been building new tech startups and products for over 20 years. I've also led zero-to-one projects for corporates like Barclays, Royal Bank Of Scotland, Atom Bank and Selfridges. I've been lucky enough to work with award-winning consultancies like 11:FS and Red Badger, as well as working directly with startups and scale-ups. And I've co-founded 5 fintech startups (2 acquired, 1 retired, 2 still going strong).

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The PM's ChatGPT Prompt Writing Course

6 ratings